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How to beat overwhelm in your business with time blocking + free printable

In the following post, i’m going to break down exactly how I plan my weekly schedule and make suggestions on how you can do the same for your business or side hustle. Calm overwhelm, get it all done and win the week! Let’s do this. I run a full time freelance business where I manage client projects, marketing, my own finances and the forever to-do list that comes with being a boss! Mapping out my week has changed the game in regards to fighting the overwhelm of my daily freelance life. When you’re running a business there are lots of things to think about. It’s a never ending to-do list with new things coming up all the time and lots...

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3 apps for productivity!

Productivity to me means doing more work in less time. It means working for any period of time as long as it’s focused and you’re able to stuff accomplished, then go grab a cold glass of wine. As a full time freelancer with free reign over my schedule, tight deadlines and the endless to-do lists that comes with running a business I’ve learned how to be productive and realize when i’m procrastination or wasting time. This has helped me book out my schedule, while still having a couple days off during the week (most weeks). I’m going to share three of my favourite apps that I use every single day in order to make sure the time I spend working...

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All the good habits + free habit tracker printable!

  This month is all about resolutions (like every January of my life :P). I’ll be posting my four resolutions for the year, throughout January and February. In the next couple months. Subscribe and follow along, we’ll see how this goes… Resolution #2: set new healthy habits The best way to stick to a new good habit is to track or measure it so you can see the amazing person you’re becoming. Tracking your progress is a great way to maintain any kind of consistency or long term result. Continue reading for a breakdown of how I use the tracker, but feel free to set your own rules. Match your habits to your goals What habits to you want to...

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Top 5 natural skincare products

This month is all about resolutions (like every January of my life :P). I’ll be posting my four resolutions for the year, throughout this month right here, so subscribe and follow along, we’ll see how this goes… Resolution: switch to more natural products :) Last year I tried what feels like every single skincare brand. From drugstore brands like Avène to high-end things like La Mer (spent sooo much money). This is a summary of my top five of the year. I had lots of other favourites, but i’ve used these ones long enough to give them an honest review. They all contain natural ingredients & some are even 100% organic. The main thing is they have way less toxins than...

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5 ways to keep a healthy desk

As someone who has worked in 9-5 office settings and now freelance full time for the last 1.5 years – there are five habits I do on the daily to keep my sanity. Whether you’re a 9-5er or a freelancing hustler, or just starting to pursue a side hustle of your own, odds are you spend countless hours at your desk, these five things save me from distraction, stress & fatigue. This way I can keep doing what I love everyday, all while preventing burn out. you’re a human. you need water. Amongst all the coffee & caffeine (which is life) it’s really important to stay hydrated. Dehydration can make you feel drained and fatigued and if you’re sitting at...

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