about the studio


Hi, i'm Nikiya. I'm a graphic designer & illustrator based in Montreal, Quebec.

I started pursuing my career as a freelance designer full time in 2015, and since then I've had the pleasure of working & collaborating with artists, musicians, small and large businesses! This has allowed me to work on a wide variety of projects, from illustrations for gig posters to branding businesses & creating marketing material and social media content. I love what I do and enjoy new opportunities to create.

My specialty is branding, illustration & marketing. You can check out my work here. If you'd like to see my resume click here.

In my work, I combine my ability to create custom hand-drawn illustrations with my Adobe Illustrator computer skills. This gives my designs a nice clean finish without compromising the important personal handmade feel we all love to see in branding.

When I am not working on exciting new projects, I am searching for collaborators & design buddies, drinking coffee, adventuring around the city, taking photos & spending too much time curating Spotify playlists.

My goal is to help people take their ideas seriously & help them turn their business dreams into real life brands they love!

Feel free to say hello@greyritual.com