How to beat overwhelm in your business with time blocking + free printable

In the following post, i’m going to break down exactly how I plan my weekly schedule and make suggestions on how you can do the same for your business or side hustle. Calm overwhelm, get it all done and win the week! Let’s do this.

I run a full time freelance business where I manage client projects, marketing, my own finances and the forever to-do list that comes with being a boss! Mapping out my week has changed the game in regards to fighting the overwhelm of my daily freelance life.

When you’re running a business there are lots of things to think about. It’s a never ending to-do list with new things coming up all the time and lots of un-billable hours.

It’s easy to start your day with a main focus and quickly get pulled in another direction with emails popping up, call requests coming in and that constant feeling of — oh shit I forgot to [fill in the blank]. Anyway, let me get to the main point, why section off your time?

Benefits of time blocking

Batching tasks

Blocking off your week allows you to batch your workload, balance all your projects throughout the week and map them out around responsibilities. Carving out a realistic chunk of time in your week for things that keep going to the backburner is a sure way to make them happen. For example, do you post on Instagram when you remember? Is it at a different time every day? Instead, carve out an hour on Sunday for Instagram. You can do this with an app called You can then plan and schedule all your Instagram posts, captions, hashtags and stories all together vs. Interrupting your workflow to post when you remember and essentially doing the same task multiple times.


Theming your days for clarity

Finding balance is still an ongoing process, but for me having a time blocking schedule does a lot for my peace of mind and anxiety around my business. I know that Wednesday is assigned for marketing, so anything that comes up regarding blogging ideas, Instagram and strategy can be put away for this day. Here is a sample of my current themed days. I’ll usually carve out one hour to focus on each category, but sometimes that’ll turn into a couple hours…

Monday – Process
Up keep apps and all accounts used in my design process. Refine my process based on past errors or successes!

Tuesday - Outreach
Emails, Facebook groups, catch up on messages

Wednesday - Marketing: create content
Write blogs, draft captions, photography

Thursday - Product creation & refinement
Brainstorm and create graphic products, like templates, pre-made logo collections, etc

Friday - Paper shop
Anything to do with the paper shop, Shopify updates, product photography,, descriptions or development

Saturday - Website & portfolio updates
Add new work to website, create mockups, photograph new work

Sunday - Marketing: implementation content
Schedule Instagram grid + posts, setup newsletters in Mailchimp, schedule blog ideas, etc

I suggest constantly updating your schedule to allow room for improvements. I left a section on the printable for notes. Note why you didn’t get something done, maybe there is a better time? It’s good to have discipline, but you’re more likely to follow the schedule if you have realistic expectations of yourself.

Time blocking schedule.gif
Use this free template and create your time blocking schedule now

Time blocking flatlay.jpg

You can also apply your time blocking schedule to your weekly planner here!

Do you have any tips for getting stuff done during the week? Please share in the comments!

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