The Weekly Planner Notepad

Fight the overwhelm, with a weekly planner that ensures you can fit it all in!

Designing your week allows you to balance all your projects and responsibilities. All while keeping focused on your goals and the daily habits you'll need to accomplish in order to help you reach them. Take time to reflect on the previous week and plan for the week ahead!

I run a full time freelance business where I manage client projects, marketing, my own finances and the forever to-do list that comes with being a boss! Mapping out my week has changed the game in regards to fighting the overwhelm of my daily freelance life.

the dot grid leaves room for doodles

washi tape for the win

what tools should I use with my planner?

This planner is printed on #70 heavy weight paper, so it can handle heavy pens, white out & coloured markers.

Great for highlighting important tasks that need your attention. They can also be used to block off projects, appointments or to simply visually separate your days.

It makes everything better. Nuff said.

Because plans change, I often use white out tape to
adjust my planner throughout the week.

If you have constant shift changes or things that you know will likely get moved, use a pencil to outline these tasks. 

want to take it for a test run?

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