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Some kind words from happy clients.

Kaeli beauman

Jenalle dion

Graeme knox

Bossbabe & founder of Flightfud

Explorer & founder of Wakeful Travel

Entrepreneur & founder of Tune

"Nikiya intuitively understands design, branding & marketing & has a pulse on a variety of industries & trends. She's really passionate about working with businesses at various stages, from start-up to fully operational & takes the time to really understand your business!"

"Nikiya is a great listener & offers helpful suggestions that make organizing & managing my business easier! Which is not even part of her job description! You can tell she’s passionate about making people’s dreams come alive & thrive."

"One of the best things about working​ with Nikiya was the organization. I always knew what I needed to do, what I was waiting for & when I could expect it. I've worked with freelancers & I don't hear back for a week. I liked that there was a clear project outline & clear path from the start."


• You picked up a cheap starter logo & now you’re ready for something custom made for your company

• You are using 5 different fonts & you want to streamline things

• You want to feel confident about the branding elements you currently have

• The quality of your current visual identity doesn’t match up with the quality of your business

• You have a business idea or two & you don't know where to start
• You want a cohesive brand in order to attract clients you want to work with

• You’re seeking a visual identity that sets you apart from others in your industry

• You want to feel confident about your business, which means taking things to the next level!

F R E E   C O N S U L T A T I O N S

 I offer a free initial consultation. This includes a 20 minute Zoom meeting where I learn about
your business & project in order to see if we'd be compatible as a team - book in below.

F . A . Q

How will you know what is suitable for me?
What if I don’t like the colour you’ve selected or the direction it's going in?
What is a logo variation? Why do I need one?
What is a font pairing?
Do I always have to stick to the same colour palette?
What’s a brand board and why do I need one? What do I do with it? How do I use it?
What is a favicon?
How does payment work?